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What is it?
A Global community that links children, teachers and classes around the world.
"Where learners connect"

Website: http://www.epals.com

- Classroom match - Communicate with any signed up classroom around the world.
- Look up National Geographic projects
- Topic forums - join in with a topic forum with children around the world.
- Projects - share ideas and information with other children on a range of projects. Topics include habitats, natural disasters, water...
- Teacher talk - Communicate with other teachers around the world.

NOTE: For sign in you need to fill in a class profile. Remember when you describe your class to:
- Describe class
- Type of correspondence you are interested in e.g. e-mail
- Academic subject you are interested in.

SPECIAL NOTE - don't put a dash in the epals website address as you will end up with extremely different kind of pals (much older!) than you intended (and not exactly appropriate for school!!!!)