The Arts and ICT? Are they mutually exclusive??

How do you use ICT with the Arts?


  • Find scripts online
  • Youtube - drama productions, or video yours and put it on the web (copyright permitting ofcourse!)
  • Record drama/dancing for self evaluation, enjoyment, to share...
  • Podcasting
  • Use photos/images as inspiration for a drama.

Visual Art:
  • Use the digital camera to pose your friend (e.g. medalists on a podium) Use this to help you paint or draw the way their bodies are.
  • Use digital camera to record an image for observational drawing - e.g. houses
  • Use Google Image Search to get a picture of something you would like to draw - e.g. lots of different dragons
  • Find images and research famous artists.

  • Listen to music and instruments
  • Research famous musicians
  • Superdooper Music Looper
  • "Break in the Road" (lots of ads at first - record "street" sounds and then mix to make your own song!)
  • Acid Express
  • Use Audacity to record music, play with music etc.
  • Podcasting

  • Look at different dance styles - e.g. irish dancing, compare and contrast
  • Choreography ideas - Youtube has lots of school productions to give you ideas of simple dance moves.
  • Record dance for self evaluation/sharing etc.

Check out Andrea Robertson's Wiki about Arts and ICT and the NZ Curriculum. Links to HEAPS of stuff: