NEW IDEAS (17th June)

  • Why not publish stories by doing a podcast? Children could make an advertisement for their story and put it in the published work folder explaining where people can listen to their story, what it's about, promoting it etc
  • Use the video - retell a fairy tale using your playground (e.g. billy goats gruff on the adventure playground bridge), record speeches, poems etc for pre- and post performance self evaluation.
  • Blog homework - based on Amazing Race (go to a different country each time)
  • Use podcast for helping to learn a poem?

  • You Tube - great science videos with Bill Nye the Science Guy (search)
Death in Sakkara,

[[ Mummy| ]]Mummy Maker


Inspiration / Kidspiration
Reading activity, class brainstorm for topic - what we know, what we would like to know...
Maths - put in a number and children put in ways of making that number. Word - synonyms, rhyming words
Children love to play with it. Safety message. Demonstrate a PE skill e.g. high jump?
Podcasting, Production music, interviews, recording speeches for self evaluation. Making advertisements.
Super Dooper Music Looper
Make music, put it into power points, movies, maybe photo story.
Photo Story
Can be used at all levels - particularly good for juniors. Recounts, photos with naration. Assembly. Used with writing. Poems. Draw pictures in paint and insert instead of photos. Record of unit. Whole class, individual. For presenting instructions or a process.
Kid Pix
Posters, look at layout etc for topics. Christmas. Slide shows. Maybe rule only to draw on it instead of using stamps etc. A&P Show computer art.
Can go into Photo Story, or pictures for comic life. Posters e.g. sun safety, warning signs. A&P Show computer art. Maths - drawing shapes, shape pictures etc.
Comic Life
Recount of trips, safety rules, process, celebrations, telling a story (could maybe draw the pictures in paint)
Baggin the Dragon and Volcanic Panic - CDRom games for maths.
Wikispaces - school newsletters, classroom pages, easily accessible and changeable.
Visual Thesaurus - Have to pay for it, 10 goes for free.
Digital learning objects on TKI
Rubrics - Rubistar (programme on the web that makes rubrics)
GIF animations - animates paint pictures. Record yourself talking and mouth moves.
Scratch - "programme" a cartoon character to move around.
skrbl - online whiteboard. Can use it with a class - children on different computers can type, edit.