Ka Mau Te Wehi resource kit and CD/DVD's
A Maori language programme complete with lesson plans, activities, video clips of scenarios and explanations of parts of the language (e.g. why are their macrons?) as well as a waiata (both audio CD and a DVD with a group of students singing the songs).
Most of this resource is also available online through TKI:
Early video clips ok for younger children, but most content aimed a bit higher. Some video clips deal with content more suited to Yr 6+ students. Children staring in video clips all appear to be intermediate age (plus!)

101 Kiwi Kidsongs DVD
Can be used to just play the songs but also has other interesting features:
- Can use it to project words and play songs at the same time (instead of overheads!!!). Will play either instrumental or vocal version.
- Contains the notes about the songs
- Has the music for the songs.
- Can search for songs quickly so they are at your finger tips.
- A few songs have "Case Studies" (if you click on "View All Songs" and look down the list for those with "Case Studies" written beside it you will find them) These are unit plans on how to use these songs in your music programme.
- One song (that I have found) has parts for a class orchestra - see "Seasons"

Active Schools CDROM
- Digital version of the resource.
- Comes with Audio CD of songs to use.
- Activity cards integrating PE into other subject areas (leveled appropriately)
- "Snacktivity" ideas (can be made into a screensaver so they pop up and remind you)
- In the childrens section they can find a physical activity that meets there needs and interests by filling in a survey of what they like to do (like being in a team, like being outside etc)